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The law office of Maddox, Hoppe, Hoofnagle & Hafey, LLC, provides experienced representation to clients through real estate transaction settlements, real estate contracts, and other commercial or residential real estate matters. Our Washington DC law office believes in providing clients with the personal attention they deserve throughout real estate procedures in order to ensure that our clients are comfortable with the issues involved and confident in our services. Contact a real estate lawyer for a free initial consultation.

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Law Services

Our real estate lawyer, James Hafey, offers legal advice and guidance in a variety of complex real estate matters:

  • Buyer/seller representation
  • Real estate transactions
  • Real estate settlement services
  • Draft and review contracts
  • Real estate breach of contract disputes
  • Landlord and tenant law disputes
  • Section 1031 exchanges
  • Tax sales and tax foreclosure auctions
  • Real estate litigation
  • Title disputes
  • Condo conversions
  • Other real estate law matters

Why Hire a Real Estate Lawyer?

Although real estate matters can be resolved without the assistance of an attorney, it is not always wise to proceed in this manner. Real estate is a large investment. Whether selling property, purchasing a home, or establishing another real estate contract, it is important to ensure that the choices made are appropriate and that your interests are protected throughout the process. A settlement agent may be able to guide you through the procedures of settling a real estate transaction. However, an agent is not permitted to give the legal advice that an attorney can.

By working with our real estate lawyer, you can be certain the individual representing you is truly on your side. Contact our Tri State Area real estate attorney for a free initial consultation.

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