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Tri State Area Felony Criminal Attorney

Our criminal defense attorney, Charles Maddox, offers years of legal and investigative experience. This is an attribute that is beneficial to clients and that few criminal defense lawyers can boast. When facing felony criminal charges, you can trust that our office will aggressively protect your rights and defend you against the charges before you. Contact our criminal defense lawyer to discuss your case.

DC Felony Defense

We defend individuals in Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland. Our felony criminal defense practice includes:

  • Assault and weapons: Aggravated assault and battery, malicious wounding, and concealed weapons charges
  • Sex crimes: Rape, sexual assault, and other sex crimes
  • Grand larceny: Robbery, burglary, grand theft auto
  • Theft and white collar crimes: theft, employee theft, identity theft, check fraud, and embezzlement
  • Drug crimes: Drug trafficking and drug possession with intent
  • Security clearance issues
  • Military offenses
  • Habitual traffic offenses
  • Probation violations

We Recognize the Importance of Reputation

Our office has extensive experience working with military personnel, federal employees, and federal crimes. We understand the need to obtain a defense that will not allow a criminal act to tarnish an individual's background. As a former federal agent and former federal prosecutor, our defense lawyer has the federal experience and knowledge to skillfully handle your case.

If you have been charged with any felony offense ranging from grand theft auto charges to drug charges in College Park, contact  criminal attorney, Charles Maddox, to schedule a consultation.

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